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Hidden Cam
The latest generation of hinges for ovens[»]
One point rotation
Hinge for standard applications [»]
Double point rotation
Hinge with rototraslation movement [»]

One point or double      point rotation
Hinges designed considering the customer's requests[»]

Small Compartments
Hinge that are applied on the inferior or on the lateral door of the                   gas oven[»]

Catering Appliance
Hinges that are used in the restoration plants[»]

Special Applications
Hinges for special applications [»]


For its customers, Faringosi Hinges S.r.l. is not just a supplier, but also a valid partner for development and technological innovation.

Our design department uses CAD 3D parametric systems assigned to the study of the component parts of the hinges and of the production and assembly equipment.

The use of solid modelling systems, together with FEM programmes for structural calculation, allows the static and dynamic loads to which the product will be subjected by the end user to be simulated during the study phase.

For the more complex studies, we also make use of a programme for kinematic simulation (ADAMS) which enables us to provide complete answers to the customer’s requirements.

Example of simulation of static load showing the strain distribution on the model

Example of kinematic simulation

The application of the above-mentioned design systems and joint designing with the customer allow prompt verification and definition of the design parameters.

Innovative technologies are applied during the realisation of tooling, in the production cycle and at the test stage, in order to guarantee “the very best product”.

Example of joint design
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