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Soft opening / closing hinge
One point rotation
Hinge for standard applications [»]
Double point rotation
Hinge with rototraslation movement [»]

One point or double      point rotation
Hinges designed considering the customer's requests [»]

Small Compartments
Hinge that are applied on the inferior or on the lateral door of the                   gas oven[»]

Catering Appliance
Hinges that are used in the restoration plants[»]

Special Applications
Hinges for special applications [»]


Technical Info
Hidden Cam from 12 to 20kg

In order to meet our customers’ requirement for improved appearance by reducing the number of visible parts, our company has developed and produced a hinge that allows the diminution of the slots on the oven front and door, while at the same time maintaining the important advantages that the addition of the cam brought to the hinges of the previous generation:

- Distribution of the door weight on three points, increasing the resistance to the static load test;

- Smooth movement of the door both in closing and opening movements
- Possibility of choosing the position of the grill stop thanks to the presence of the cam;
- Increased flexibility of application (the same hinge can be used for various doors of various weights) due to the presence of the cam;
- Resistance to the dynamic test.

The one-point-rotation hidden cam hinge envisages the application of a support in the oven frame to which the oven door is fitted.

Our standard parallel dimension for the hidden cam hinge is 15 mm, though parallel dimensions of less than 15 mm may be obtained by positioning the support further back in the oven frame.
Hidden cam hinges are available for doors that weigh:
up to 9kg
from 9 to 12 kg
from 20 to 20 kg

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