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The latest generation of hinges for ovens[»]
Soft opening / closing hinge
One point rotation
Hinge for standard applications [»]
Double point rotation
Hinge with rototraslation movement [»]

One point or double      point rotation
Hinges designed considering the customer's requests[»]

Small Compartments
Hinge that are applied on the inferior or on the lateral door of the                   gas oven[»]

Special Applications
Hinges for special applications [»]


This type of hinge has been developed and produced by Faringosi-Hinges since 1965, and is used by the leading and best qualified manufacturers of catering cooking appliances world-wide

The main feature of this hinge is its high reliability in tough and continuous usage.

The catering appliance hinge requires the application of a support with roller inside the oven.
Depending on the spring used, this hinge balances 9 kg or 11 kg doors.

Technical Info
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Support with roll
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