Hinges for Dishwasher
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Hidden Cam
The latest generation of hinges for ovens[»]
Soft opening / closing hinge
One point rotation
Hinge for standard applications [»]
Double point rotation
Hinge with rototraslation movement [»]

Small Compartments
Hinge that are applied on the inferior or on the lateral door of the                   gas oven[»]

Catering Appliance
Hinges that are used in the restoration plants[»]

Special Applications
Hinges for special applications [»]



The hinges for dishwashers are developed in close collaboration with the customer, taking into consideration the specific movement requirement determined for the application in question.

Our company produces one-point-rotation and double-point-rotation hinges for dishwashers, with or without integrated balancing system and related adjustment.

The double-point-rotation hinge for dishwashers (rotation-translation movement) is used when there are door-covering panels that reach floor level, or when there is a reduced distance between the door panel and the bottom trim.

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